Melanie is getting serious with her engagement for Smiling Children and FYU
Melanie, who says about herself: „I never missed something. I have always spent my childhood in a terrace house in the periphery of German major cities.“, has decided after 15 years of professional activity to turn her back on Germany. For the first months, she will mainly visit some friends worldwide before she wants to settle in an African country and work as marketing / event / project manager.
In order to prepare herself for her new life and to be fit for all upcoming challenges, she would like to start again with her running training, which she had give up in the past months because of health and job issues.
She would like to use this running training to collect donations for a good cause. With these donations she would like to support her heart project FYU in Kenya. The boys of FYU are her motivators.
For more information about Melanie’s donation campaign, please check out here.

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